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Reinvent yourself with confidence!







My BRAND NEW YOU package is unlike any photoshoot or coaching session because you will actually see the change you feel. We are going to redesign your life and get rid of the limiting beliefs you tell yourself. I'm telling you, you can transform into anything: "a morning person," "the woman who consistently posts online," "a fearless, anxiety free powerhouse." My coaching style is there to change what you believe about yourself on the subconscious level. 

After we've done the work to design your new identity and reprogramed thoughts like "I could never do that" to "I chose to find my happiness", we'll get to plan out how she looks on the outside. How do you want to be seen? What is the energy you want to give off? What's her VIBE? I'm going to help you plan out exactly how she looks and then we get to capture her so you can see what I see! 


You are always

one choice away from


becoming someone new



 The perfect combination of 1 on 1 coaching and studio photography designed to redefine your identity so you can see and feel your transformation.



1-hour virtual coaching call to craft the version of you who has it all



reprogram limiting thoughts into confidence


2-hour studio session + outfit planning to capture the new you and see her manifest into the physical world

What other clients have been saying


I am uniquely qualified to support you through a life changing transformation. I knew since middle school I was going to be an Elementary General Music Teacher (like over a decade of this unwavering identity confidence). All I heard growing up was "She's going to be a great teacher." Life's weird because I am still fulfilling that prophecy, just not in the way I thought. 

I put my blinders on forced myself through college only to have the most wonderful, life-altering, awful disaster happen in my very first year of teaching, COVID-19. I came back to teaching and I had changed. Suddenly my identity was a round peg trying to fit in the square hole of teaching. So I cried and mourned my future. Until I realized that my identity was never tied to my job or career and I had the power to reinvent myself every day of the year if I wanted to.

So I went full-time into my photography business but more importantly full-time into discovering what I wanted out this life. In 2022 I over doubled my business income and almost made twice as much as my teaching salary. I traveled to Europe and drank Italian wine and watched the sunset over the white buildings of Santorini, Greece. I went on a week long cruise with my husband and climbed a waterfall in Jamaica. I started lifting weights and hit personal bests in each lift. I launched a wedding videography business and remodeled my home. 


My Story







Before my session with Rachel I was feeling a bit anxious and unsure about an upcoming job interview that I had the same day. Rachel so gracefully helped me reframe my perspective and took me through a powerful emotional freedom technique to help me release the anxiousness I was feeling and gain confidence going into my interview. I am so grateful for all of her help! After my session with Rachel Ifelt so calm and confident-- and I got the job!! :)

health & mindset coach

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What you get in



Pre-coaching journaling prompts to fully flush out exactly what you want from this life and who you need to be to get it.

1 hour of 1 on 1 virtual coaching to speak your goals outload and be fully supported and heard.

Techniques like Neural Energetic Encoding, EFT tapping, Personalized meditation, and even hypnosis to release negative programming like "I'm not motivated," "I'm just not creative enough", "I'm afraid of what others will think."

You will leave your coaching session feeling light, motivated, and aligned with your new identity.

Access to me between your coaching session and your photoshoot to plan out your outfits and the content you want documented.

2-hours of studio time with me to create any content that would celebrate this new version of you. During this time we can create updated headshots, dating profile pics, IG content, even Tiktoks.


Have a business idea and need content that could easily last a WHOLE YEAR, we can do that together!

You get digital copies of your whole shoot WITH PROFESSIONAL EDITING done to all quality photos. There is no limit!

We can even set up a tripod and record the session so you have reels content!

A 2-hour studio shoot with me is normally worth $850...
But a BRAND New You package
(1-hour coaching, content planning, 2-hour studio session)
is only $627!
This price will NOT last.
As soon as I book up, I'm raising the price.

This is for you if...

 You are a driven woman who is ready to see yourself accomplishing your goals.

You are ready to let go of the fear or anxiety that you feel always holds you back.

You want to love how you see yourself and you just need some good light and a great friend to be your "mirror."

You're ready to live your life the way you want to and are tired of giving a crap about what other people might be thinking.

You want to show up online in a new way but don't have the content to look professional.

You own a business, want to start one, or just want to post online and need A LOT  of content.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

If you are ready to:

  • Design your life and become your dream self with the help of a professional coach

  • Break free from limiting beliefs and reprogram your thoughts to achieve your goals

  • Finally become a morning person, fearless powerhouse, or whatever identity you choose

  • Have a personalized studio photoshoot with a photographer who is there to pump you up and support you with any and all the content you desire!



Your Success is



Shadow on Concrete Wall

I am only opening up
2 spots
in the Month of April 

for 2 women who are absolutely ready for the
best chapter of their life!


Start living like you again!

Tell me who you will become...


i can't wait to meet her

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But babe, don't let fear hold you back from happiness.


Reinvent yourself with confidence!

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