My name is Rachel Anderson

I'm bubbly, down-to-earth, and in love with the madly in love.


I'm a wedding, family, and senior photographer. Oh! And also a full-time elementary music teacher! I'm married to my middle school sweetheart (keep scrolling for the story) and parent the CUTEST Mini Australian Shepherd named Truffle. I was born and raised in Iowa and am a huge romantic. My own love story drives my passion to work with couples and really show off that unique love. 

I fell in love with photography when I was in middle school. My cousin had senior photos taken and I could not stop staring at this one photo that had awesome angles and great bokeh (the blurry background). And that was it! I was hooked. I used a small digital camera for awhile to take pictures of flowers and my dogs until I saved up and purchased my first DSLR camera. Meanwhile I was falling madly in love with music, education, and my husband. 

My photography style is based around capturing real moments. Our session will be light and fun. I mostly work in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and northern Iowa areas but please reach out no matter where you are from.

My Love Story


I married my middle school sweetheart.


I've known my husband, Garrett, since 1st grade when we both joined the same class halfway through the year. We always seemed to gravitate to one another, but it helped that we were always three people away alphabetically. Garrett made the first move over email when we were 7th graders. The emails turned into walks and bike rides. We quickly became each other’s best friend. 11 years later and I still wear the first necklace he gave me for Valentine’s Day. 

Garrett is the second shooter, prince charming, kind hearted man of my dreams. He's the half that keeps us wild while I'm the half that makes all the plans. Garrett is:

  • an impromptu party planner

  • "man's man"

  • gamer

  • Naruto fan

  • craft beer drinker (IPA's mostly)

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Ericka is my second shooter, fashion focused, opera singer who happens to be my sister. Ericka owns her own photography business and specializes in senior photography. She beat me to the punch and started her photography business a year before I did. Ericka is the type of person that is good at ...well ... everything. When we get together something happens we call "sister energy." It's uncontrollable and super effective at getting amazing photography. Ericka is:

  • a mother to an ex-fat cat named Hot Dog (she used to weigh 20lbs. but had to diet. It's a whole story. Oh and she has 6 fingers on multiple hands. Hot Dog deserves her own section honestly).

  • up incoming opera singer

  • in love with virgin bloody mary's

  • favorite movie: Megamind


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